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children can't stop abuseIn Houston County:

There were 915 reports of child abuse or neglect in 2007, of those cases, 332 were substantiated.

There were 127 interviews of children alleging sexual abuse or witnesses to domestic violence at Rainbow House in 2008.

The Houston County Sherrif's Department investigated 1052 juvenile cases in 2004, including 180 sexual cases and 217 physical abuse cases.

In Georgia:

In 2007, there were 92.185 reports of child abuse and neglect.

Every 30 minutes a child in Georgia is the victim of confirmed abuse or neglect.

In 2006, 116 children died as the result of confirmed or suspected abuse or neglect.

The statistics are furnished by the Georgia Department of Human Resources, Department of Family and Children's Services, and Georgia Office of Child Fatality Review.